What is microblading?

A technique that creates hair like marks on the skin using a hand tool. We are able to deposit pigment just beneath the surface of the skin to create the illusion of eyebrow hairs. Perfect for filling in thin spots, or replace missing tails from over plucking, aging, chemotherapy or alopecia.


How long does it last?

On average 12 - 18mths. But this can vary depending on skincare, lifestyle, etc. We recommend one touch up a year to maintain shape and color saturation.

How much does it cost?

$400 for your initial 2 hr microblading appt

$50 for all perfecting touch up appts under 3 mths

$150  3 - 6mth touch up  

$200  6 - 12mth touch up

$250 12 - 24mth touch up

$300 for correction from another location

$700 for a dual appt:- 

Find a friend or family member that wants to get it done with you, and you can both cash in on the savings. ($350 for each of you)

At least a 24 hr notice is appreciated for all cancellations.

A no call, no show = no future appt

Does it hurt?

This use to be a definite yes, with a pain complaint of about a 7 out of 10. But ever since I introduced a second numbing elixir, I can comfortably say most are now describing the discomfort to be no more than a 2 or 3 out of 10. Similar to that of an eyebrow wax.

I even had one client fall asleep during the service!

So have no fear, this is now a very comfortable procedure to have done.


Pregnant or lactating women, Diabetes, Thyroid, Keloid, taking blood thinners, Psoriasis, allergy to Lidocaine, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Autoimmune diseases, Albinism and extremely oily skin.

Prior to treatment

Discontinue all Retin A one month prior to your appt.

Discontinue taking Alpha Hydroxy products two weeks prior.

No IPL laser hair removal at least two weeks prior.

No eyebrow waxing one week prior.