Soak hands, file and shape your natural nails, cuticle care, followed by a hand massage and

finish off with a single color polish.

Gel Polish $10

A UV lamp is used to cure gel polish and have you ready to walk out the door. No chips

or smudges. Lasts up to 2 weeks.

French manicure $5

Pink and white tip polish

Paraffin wax treatment $5

Dip both hands into paraffin wax after moisturizer is applied. The heat will penetrate moisture deep into dry, rough hands and make them silky soft.

Exfoliant hand treatment $5

An exfoliant scrub is applied to the hands removing dead cells. Hot steamy towels will remove the debris to reveal fresh hydrated skin.





Soak feet, file and shape nails, cuticle care,  hard skin removal, exfoliation and an awesome

foot massage, hot towels and single color polish.​


​Mud mask $5

Warm mud is applied to your calfs and feet and hot, steamy towels are wrapped to draw out

impurities and hydrate dry skin.

Hot stone massage $15

Hot basalt stones are incorporated into an extended foot massage for an exquisite treat

for achy feet.

Paraffin treatment $5

Both feet are dipped in paraffin wax following your foot massage, penetrating moisture deep

into your dry skin for a luxurious treat.

Gel Polish $10

A UV lamp is used to cure your polish and have you skipping out the door in no time.

French manicure $5

Pink and white tip polish